Saturday, June 4, 2011

This cemetery consists of two acres smack dab in the middle of the city of westwood village and is surrounded by towering sky scrappers. It took my activity director two tries on separate days to find the place because of it's odd seclusion.

Eddy Arnold is buried next to his wife Margo and also his friend Eva Gabor. Eddy lived to be 99 years old.

Bride of the monster, Loretta King

Don Knotts

Truman Capote

Heather O' Rourke

 It's believed that Heather haunts stage 19. (I didn't see her but then again, I wasn't looking for her either.) They say she  runs and plays on the cat walks.

Stage 19

Hugh Hefner plans to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe and has purchased the spot on the left. With Hef pushing 86, I'm thinking it could be any day now.  Many women have kissed Marilyn's crypt but I don't understand why people touch  tombstones.  It seems so disrespectful.

Dean Martin
Why would a Catholic choose to be buried in a non -Catholic cemetery?

 Walter Matthau and his wife Carol.

Someones movin' in.


Enbrethiliel said...


I often touch tombstones at cemeteries when praying for the dead. I can see why it would be disrespectful, though, if people were just doing it for a photo opportunity or for bragging rights. ("I touched Marilyn Monroe's tombstone!!!")

By the way, lipstick on a monument is actually a big no-no. The oil from the lipstick can do long-term damage to the stone. (Told to me by a friend who has worked in a museum and was appalled to see, during a recent tour of Paris, how many famous writers' tombs had "kisses" all over them.)

Julie said...

I do a lot of volunteer work over at the Gettysburg Military Park, because I live nearby. I have a site on Culp's Hill that I've looked after for over 15 years now. I've sold peaches from the infamous Peach Orchard, and painted the names on the headstones in the cemetery twice.
I've put up snake rail fences and painted barns.
The whole place is basically a big cemetery, really. Once, when I was helping out on an archaeology dig near the McPherson barn, we pulled some poor fellow's jawbone out of the ground. One enormous cemetery.