Saturday, May 14, 2011

I"m having a blast in California! My activity director and I were in the Jay Leno audience last Thursday when Ann Curry was a guest Naturally, my children at home couldn't be bothered with watching the show and seeing their parents,  in fact when I called home,  they seemed to be "Put out". 

If you watched the tonight show, I was sitting on the forth row from the stage with my activity director and while everyone else was freaking out with excitement, I sat there  in my power pink blouse with as much enthusiasm  as you'd  imagine Al Gore would have. Though I had a terrific time, I can't fake enthusiasm. This has been - so far , my only bout with anxiety.

Yesterday, I called home and asked, "Joseph, did you do your homework?" He said ( - all put out and bothered), "No, mom,  it's Friday and we don't have school tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday! 
( Parents can be so stupid!)

Yesterday Susan Sarandon dropped her cell phone under a bathroom stall on to the floor. Another mom had Miss Susans  hand reaching under her stall fishing for it. Can you  imagine the phone numbers on that phone , or the weirdness of hearing Susans voice asking for her phone back and having that hand fishing around as you go about your business? Anyway,  I'd think I'd have to throw that phone away   after it hit the  floor, God only knows the kind of cooties you'd pick up in there.
Today, I'm going to a cemetery - my favorite,  I will share my photos when I get home.


Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Are you going to Mel Gibson's private Chapel in Malibu for Mass tomorrow?


Lola said...

Pink blouse... Jay Leno. I'll dvr it!

Hope you have a fun time in the California sun visiting your Elizabeth!

I can't fake enthusiasim, or be insinsere.

3puddytats said...

Yeah--I can't believe that folks actually TALK on their phone in a public restroom, in a stall even...I wonder if the person on the other end of the line can hear us pooping and peeing..and at work I have the occasional "Can you get my phone for me?? I dropped it in the toilet.." Folks seem to think that since I shovel more than my fair share of cat and horse poop that I can retreive their phone from the toilet without being (too) grossed out...Sure, but you gotta buy me a beer..

They give it a quick wipe-off then proceed to make a call....


belinda said...

Mr.Pablo, We went to Our lady of the angels yesterday. We are going to a church around the corner today. We are too far from Malibu and Mel. hahaha

Pink Lola, Pink! And I wasn't screaming. I was concerned about my skirt and the camera panning over the audience at just the right angle.... This place is weird. Like some sort of strange dream I'm having.

Sara, there's a lot of crap out here and the people working on Rodeo drive are full of it.

Julie said...

Yay, photos to follow!

3puddytats said...

RE: crap

Yeah belinda..I'm an exiled CA girl...what I would give to go back (and stay)...

I was ALOT thinner when I lived in brutal winters to make me put on winter blubber, and gorgeous rail-thin models and movie stars that make you think twice about reaching for that second cookie.

The one GOOD thing about Rocky Mountain winters--you don't have to shave your legs for a good eight months out of the year...


belinda said...

Pablos right! Malibu was only a hop skip and a jump away from here.

Parents can be so stupid.

Sorry no "Mel"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time, wooohoo! Does the leno show do reruns?

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

" don't have to shave your legs for a good eight months out of the year..."

We seriously could have done without that mental picture.

My biggest concern before I got married was on my wedding night I discovered my bride had hairy armpits or maybe a tattoo or two...

Thank goodness for how it turned out.


Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Mrs. Belinda,

If you are still in L.A., try to visit with Father Procopio at the Malibu Chapel.

He says daily Mass.

Did you go to the Diocese Church or the SSPX Chapel?

I think they have the same name.


belinda said...

Ya'll crack me up.
Joseph (7)is pinching/poking Nate (23), Nate sat on Joseph in return. Rose (12) is crying and saying that Ana (21) is being a brat to her. I know Ana's being a pain. Grace is upset because all of the house work has been dumped into her lap. Kate is expecting a present from us and is excited for our return and has even said she missed me - go figure. Normally when she speaks to me, she acts as though she hates me.

And somebody left the cat in the garage....... all night- yuck!

- I'll be home in five hours.

3puddytats said...

Pablo...I was just trying to be funny :) It is mid May here and I am still freezing to death..and more snow in the forcast for the higher elevations..

Seriously though--I was really surprised when I visited the Pacific Northwest a few years back how many folks were into the "natural woman" look..they lovingly call them "granola girls"...or maybe I was hanging out at the wrong street festivals... :)

Everyone needs to experience "Burning Man" once in their life...

See what happens Belinda when you leave your blog unsupervised?? :)


Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Please pray for a young man I am helping.

Satan's attack upon him is becoming unbearable.

Please help him with your prayers, they are much appreciated.