Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lucille Ball's makeup drawer at the Max Factor museum, Hollywood California.

 Max Factors stage makeup -inside of this pink display case in the front lobby - one of three display cabinets. 

Some of Marilyn Monroe's personal items and a few locks of her hair.  Below is a copy of the coroners report but the thing that made me sad - and still does, is the blank spot where it mentions her religion. 

When you die, will people know what religion you were?

 Inside of another display case and you can see they're old and worn.

Max Factors stage makeup. (There's a bottle of fake blood behind the yellow bottle which my son thought was cool.)

Judy Garlands child hood dresses. Poor baby.

Judy Garlands dress.

Max had rooms just off of the lobby where he would greet his clientel' and apply their makeup. The rooms were segregated by red heads, brunettes, blonds, and raven hair.

Max Factors cootie  beauty salon.

 What do you think Max used the permanent artistic oils for?

Mr.Max, doing his thang.
(I failed to take a photo of this machine I saw tucked away in a corner.)


Julie said...

Wow. I love seeing these photos. It's like getting a tour. But...the scary head contraption gives me the willies! What was that for?

3puddytats said...

Thanks for sharing the Old Hollywood glamour!!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers this week..

My five engineering inspections went very well, two of the inspections had findings of “Best Seen to Date” in several critical areas.

I have three concluding inspections next week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday…please keep me in your prayers.

St Joseph..thank you for your intercessions. As you designed and built household items to nuture and assist the Holy Family in their day to day life and activities, so guide me that my engineering designs and taskings will be ultimately for the Glory of God and the good of those on Earth.

God Bless… Sara

Terry Nelson said...

LOL! Tallulah's quote. I never knew until now that All About Eve was a take off on her - makes perfect sense.

belinda said...

To Julie,

Max Factors beauty calibrator

Julie said...

Oy. Well.
Thanks for the explanation, Belinda.
Here's one small appliance I definitely don't need.

belinda said...

Julie, They didn't need it either but if the naked emperor says's you need it then you follow through.

3puddytats said...

Now with the advent of HD TV the makeup artists need to look at film and refine their work. I know they have to wear heavy makeup to be under the lighting etc but so much of it looks like it was put on with a trowel.

Fox News Sunday used to be really bad. I don't have HD anymore as I didn't want the extra fee on my cable bill.


Julie said...

Today at the farmer's market the cashier asked me if I wanted the Senior Citizen discount. I must've looked really stricken, because she quickly said, "Oh, but not that you qualify, of course. I can see that."

Leaving the store, I was surprised at how crushed I felt. (She was off by about 10 years.) No one could ever accuse me of being vain about my appearance(which is probably part of the problem), but I actually had to choke back some tears and ask St Therese for some help with my over-sensitivity.

I can't imagine how hard aging must be for actors and models who define themselves by their beauty. No wonder they attempt to stall the inevitable with botox and plastic surgery.

Vanity of vanities. All is vanity.

belinda said...


I'm very vain about my appearance because I'm afraid that if I don't look my best, the men in my life wont love me - but honestly, I don't look that great anyway. Besides it's not real love anyway if it's based upon our looks - I think that's called lust.

My husband once said to me, "You use to be simply beautiful when you were younger." I said, "And you use to be smarter."

We live in a world where our self worth is based upon our looks and the depth of ones character means little. It's weird too because anything goes in Hollywood. You can sleep around and be a deceitful, lecherous person but wrinkles and fat are a sin.

Who cares if we are held in high esteem by men, it's what God thinks of us that matters?