Saturday, September 24, 2011

Elizabeth has applied for a job at one of the  Disney studios and they have  responded favorably to her portfolio. They said that she's one of the finalists
 - but then there are probably a lot of finalists.

We've started a nine day novena on Elizabeth's behalf. Our son  has been participating with us, praying as he's never prayed before. He threw his whole heart into it, praying solemnly, slowly and with as much  devotion and passion as his little heart could muster, unlike his usual method of praying like an auctioneer - late for a pig roast. Joseph believes if his sister is hired, she will then mail him a couple of tickets to Disney World or Disney land so if this prayer is answered God would be in essence killing two birds with one stone.
 Elizabeth was sitting in her office overlooking Paramount studios next door and watching people come and go in their Bentley's, and Mercedes, then as she  turned to gaze at the "Hollywood" sign, she told me she thought to herself, "Is this all there is?" This place is such a joke. How did  it become so iconic. Hollywood has sold us all a bunch of lies.

Here's another movie, Elizabeth has made.

Please consider praying for our daughter. We need people like her in Hollywood.


Terry Nelson said...

I'm praying. She's good! I love her film.

belinda said...

Thank you Mr.T. I love her films too but she said, that's because I'm her mother and I have to. I told her, "Well I don't actually have to." She needs health insurance and a better wage because "Free" work isn't paying her school loans or buying her food. She goes on and on about how she doesn't fit in out there. She's such a fish out of water and her and I laugh a lot about it. Haughty and pretentious people are so funny.

Amani went home to his mother in the "hood" last night. Ana said,"Now Amani, don't ride your bike in this neighborhood okay?" and he asked, "Why not?"

It just pains Ana to drop these kids off for the weekend.

Ana's boss corrected her and said she shouldn't be so nice to the children. WHAT???

Ana seemed relieved to know I assigned prayer buddies to her charges. I am very grateful for your prayers for this boy. Sincerely!

Julie said...

Oh, so fine.

Don't you just want to watch it over and over again?

Prayers all 'round.

Vincenzo said...


belinda said...

Thanks Vincenzo!

BTW, I got a couple of votes over at the blog awards. I couldn't be more thrilled that a few people liked me enough to have voted for me. I voted for me too and half the time I don't even like me. hahaha

belinda said...

I'm so very excited!!

Disney called Elizabeth and gave her a job!! My son is over the moon and waiting for those Disney park tickets. I'm over the moon about her getting medical and dental benefits.
Thanks be to God!!

Thank you blogger buddies for
your prayers. I'm so very grateful to you all.

Julie said...

That's great!
That's more than great! Yay!

Melody K said...

I'm so happy for her, Belinda! I just love those film clips, she is so talented. You're right, Hollywood needs people like her.

Nan said...

COngrats to Elizabeth! No, Disney didn't call and give her a job; they knew they were lucky she applied and remained interested in them!