Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I was in the check out line of my favorite thrift shop watching a little boy as he pestered his mother into buying him a toy chainsaw. He jumped up and down, with excitement, thrilled that his mother said yes to the toy with endless creative possibilities. As he bounced off the floor and register tables waiting for his mother to pay for their things, he said, " When I get home, I'm going to saw Dad, aunt Keisha, uncle Wayne, my sister, and Sparkles. (His sisters pet)

I was worried that he meant it in a Texas chainsaw kind of way until I considered the possibility that maybe I misunderstood and he meant in a magical "David Copperfield" kind of way. Whew!

So many people to pray for and so little time.

Somebody better call ahead and warn Sparkles.


Julie said...

Ha! Was this little guy around four or five?
I love that age in boys-so macho and full of false bravado. The age of dinosaurs and super-heroes. (Perhaps because they suddenly realize Mom and Dad are not omnipotent after all)

By the way.
I was driving home from a 2am adoration hour recently, and focusing all my attention on avoiding the deer that like to emerge from the cornfields on nighttime kamikaze runs.( A sort of adrenalin-pumping video game come to life. Not fun in my book...)
Anyway, suddenly it popped into my head that you might want to consider praying to Blessed Louis Martin (St Therese's father) about your feelings about Grace and her possible vocation. He will be helpful.
I rarely have any lucid thoughts at 3am, or any thoughts at all for that matter, so I hesitate telling you this. Take it for your consideration, if you will.

belinda said...

I feel blessed to have popped into your head. The Holy Spirit is gently encouraging me to let Grace go. I keep telling him, yes but not now. Maybe later.

If he didn't want me to keep her forever then perhaps he shouldn't have given her to ME.

I love it when the Holy Spirit tells people things and then they tell me what I already know. A holy affirmation.

There's a heartbreak coming down the pike with my name on it.

Thank you so much Julie.

Nan said...

I went to Home Depot to get a new chain and took the saw with me. The cashier remarked that I come to the store dangerous.

God only wants the best, Belinda. He loaned Grace to you because he wanted her to have a nurturing environment in which to learn to love him.

Pablo the Mexican said...


Where for art thou?