Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bob Woodward has complained that being seated next to Al Gore during a dinner party was a "Taxing" Experience. I think Bob is being a bit too hard on Mr. Gore, after all, Al's been under a dark acid rain cloud for many years now.  Consider Al's brain as a ticking time bomb as he contemplates and calculates how many pounds of chlorofluorocarbons his freezer, refrigerator, ice machine, wine cooler, air conditioner, and ice cream maker produce every day! Those figures don't even include his propane grill or dryer, nor his hot tub, heated water bed , or the space heaters strewn about his various homes. (He has three)  Al's brain can barely keep up with the strain.  I haven't even mentioned his incalculable carbon footprint for his numerous public appearances. News articles have said that Al is becoming more difficult to be around but that's because in Al's world, the sky is falling and it's falling in big invisible chunks. One of two things will have to happen, either Al will go crazy from the stress and anxiety of trying to save the planet alone with 6 billion uncooperative people or he will have to let go and let God be in charge.  The lesson here? At this point, only God can still enjoy the company of Al Gore.


Julie said...

All these guys seem like the Wizard of Oz to me. They all turn out to be some little person with an out-sized ego hiding behind an enormous facade.
I'm so very weary of them all.
And to think that Al here, got a Nobel prize beating out a Christian Polish woman who had smuggled hundreds of Jewish children out of the Warsaw ghetto and to safety before being thrown into a concentration camp herself.
She died a little while ago. Something tells me she got a bigger reward than the Nobel.

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Mr. Woodward should thank Goodness he was not seated next to me.

Our Mother requested prayers for the Conversion of Russia, and for those that do not love, know, or serve God.

Many times I have seen conversions and repentance from dying sinners that received God's grace at death, due to the prayers of the Faithful.

It is much better that souls convert and repent before reaching death's door.

As in Mr. Gore's and others instances.

As Church Militant we should storm Heaven and implore the help of Our Lady and the Saints.

O MOST MERCIFUL JESUS, Lover of souls I pray Thee, by the agony of Thy most Sacred Heart, and by the sorrows of Thine Immaculate Mother, cleanse in Thine Own Blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their agony and who are to die this day. Amen.

HEART OF JESUS, once in agony, have pity on the dying.


Julie said...

It would probably be good for me to be seated next to you a a dinner party.

I'm not sure how long I would last, mind you, but it would probably be good for me...

Aren't you glad our Belinda didn't shut down this blog all together? She's very busy, you know. Missed her wonderful and unique voice.
We will happily take what we can get.

Saint Michael Come To Our Defense said...

Miss Julie,

Your blogger picture doesn't do you justice, I am sure.

Things with us would last as long as both our duties and responsibilities did not arise to separate us.

Then there are always people that just walk up and start speaking on things important to only them.

I try to ignore this, but once I was speaking to a Padre about the souls of some children, and a woman walked up and stopped our conversation to speak to him of an upcoming meeting at which they would discuss what would be placed on the agenda of future meetings.

So there you have it.

Good as long as it lasts.

From your comments, I believe you are an interesting woman.

I think Mrs. Belinda does not totally understand the graces God has given her.

The small peak we have into her life shows much.

While she is at PTA and such, we should pray more for her that she influence the people she comes in contact with, rather than the world's contagion spoiling her beautiful soul.

I will remember you in my prayers at Mass tomorrow.


belinda said...

I love you two! Your both so kind. I'm glad you haven't forgotten me!

I don't plan on giving up blogging. As I age, I will have more time. Besides, this fat lady hasn't sung yet.

I've been spending a lot of time on face book because a person who I've had several dreams about and have been praying for has
"friended" me which I think is strange since there are six billion people on this planet. God is so amazing.

There are a handful of people I've met at school who God is reaching out for and I want to show them to God's hand. I've also learned that sharing Christs love with a hug can change lives.

Pablo, I trust that Jesus loves me and more than I am capable of loving him back. He wont allow anyone to separate me from himself. He's not like Adam who busied himself with other things as the serpent stole his bride.

Julie, can you email me? Please?

Cheryl Jones said...

LOL - I couldn't help but laughing at your great parody of Al Gore. Good work!

belinda said...

Ms Cheryl, Personally, I think Al Gore's ideas are part of a bigger scheme to bring people under rule and future arrest under the guise of protecting the planet, though I do believe we have a moral and a personal obligation to our creator to protect and govern his creation wisely, but never at the expense of his greatest creation - man. I also think that in the end, man will worship the false idols of nature instead of the one true God.

belinda said...

What I failed to say is that I believe that worshiping nature will be an aspect of the new world religion.

Which I will not be a part of.

Pablo the Mexican said...

“…I also think that in the end, man will worship the false idols of nature instead of the one true God….”


For your consideration:

"These are the times when the followers of him who opposes himself to Christ are being signed with his mark on the forehead and the hand.

The mark on the forehead and on the hand is an expression of a total dependency on the part of those who are designated by this sign. The sign indicates him who is an enemy of Christ, that is to say, the sign of the Antichrist. And his mark, which is stamped, signifies the complete belonging of the person thus marked to the army of him who is opposed to Christ and who fights against His divine and royal dominion.

The mark is imprinted on the forehead and on the hand. The forehead indicates the intellect, because the mind is the seat of the human reason. The hand expresses human activity, because it is with his hands that man acts and works. Nevertheless it is the person who is marked with the mark of the Antichrist in his intellect and in his will.

He who allows himself to be signed with the mark on his forehead is led to accept the doctrine of the denial of God, of the rejection of His law, and of atheism which, in these times, is more and more diffused and advertised. And thus he is driven to follow the ideologies in mode today and to make use of himself as a propagator of all the errors.

He who allows himself to be signed with the mark on his hand is obliged to act in an autonomous manner and independently of God, ordering his own activities to the quest of a purely material and terrestrial good. Thus he withdraws his action from the design of the Father, who wants to illumine it and sustain it by His divine Providence ; from the love of the Son who makes human toil a precious means for one's own redemption and sanctification; from the power of the Spirit who acts everywhere to interiorly renew every creature.

He who is signed with the mark on his hand works for himself alone, to accumulate material goods, to make money his god and he becomes a victim of materialism. He who is signed with the mark on his hand works solely for the gratification of his own senses, for the quest of well-being and pleasure, for the granting of full satisfaction to all his passions, especially that of impurity, and he becomes a victim of hedonism.

He who is signed with the mark on his hand makes of his own self the center of all his actions, looks upon others as objects to be used and to be exploited for his own advantage and he becomes a victim of unbridled egoism and of lovelessness." (September 8, 1989, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

We are now witnessing this unbridled egoism and lovelessness across every segment of our society. Even within the Church, many priests and laity have succumbed to a hedonism which is only interested in the quest for pleasure and which genuflects before the world and its master Satan.

The faithful remnant finds itself being relegated to the margins of society as the new humanitarian religion of Antichrist extends its reach. Churches continue to empty even as sports stadiums are filled to overflowing. Witness the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas which cost 1.12 billion dollars.

Everything is falling into place. People are being marked with either the sign of the Cross or the mark of the Beast.

Enter the Man of Sin.


belinda said...

I also believe the mind is the seat of reason therefore also the battle ground for mans soul.

I keep thinking about something I had heard on Israel National radio a couple of years ago. The Jews believe that God reveals himself through nature as he has done since the beginning of time so to wonder if WE are the sole cause of crazy weather patterns indicates that AGAIN man puts himself on level with God.

The Jews also believe that man is repeating himself for example... They think the computer is the new tree of knowledge which man is now feeding upon. I actually agree with them on this matter. So if that is true them perhaps we are repeating the mark on the head which God placed upon Cains head after he killed Abel.

The way I look at it is when we are held bound for our beliefs and tormented ,better in this world then in the next and people tire of tormenting others. Pain is temporary..
I realize that my blog is getting kind of dark but because my readers are so few I believe that I can write the truth and nobody cares.

I gained some wisdom from your comment -which I had never considered but is so true....

"from the love of the Son who makes human toil a precious means for one's own redemption and sanctification."

With a hundred years of astounding inventions, everything has indeed fallen into place for the rise of the antichrist.

Your comments were excellent Pablo. Sincerely

Pablo the Mexican said...

Mrs. Belinda,

Before the anti-Christ there has to be the anti-Mary.

We have seen that in Feminism.

For your consideration; some excerpts from my blog regarding Creation:

The State of Original Justice or Innocence had its source in the sanctifying grace that permeated Adam’s soul. This supernatural endowment included in addition to the gift of sanctifying grace, certain preternatural gifts which depended on grace alone and flowed directly from it.

These additional gifts were:

1) The gift of rectitude or integrity, meaning freedom from irregular desires in the physical order and a perfect control of the passions by reason;

2) Bodily immortality or freedom from bodily death;

3) Bodily impassibility or freedom from suffering and bodily degeneracy, i.e., sickness;

4) The gift of science or knowledge of natural and supernatural truths infused by God.

This State of Original Justice was intended by God to be hereditary.

We know of only two human beings who by reason of their being absolutely sinless possessed these gifts in their fullness and never lost them: Our Divine Lord and His Immaculate Mother Mary.

We know from Holy Scripture that the sentence of bodily death was not carried out immediately upon Adam's fall from grace. Quite the contrary. Adam and the Patriarchs -- and so, we may reasonably assume, everyone else -- lived to extremely long ages. The same may justly be inferred regarding the other gifts.

Although the Universe may superficially appear to be heading for an inevitable demise, Christians can nevertheless feel optimistic about its eventual eternal restoration by God.

What may be postulated about the condition of the Universe before the Fall can also be envisaged in its future conditions.

If it is difficult to describe the earth before the Deluge, it is even more risky to imagine what it was like before the Fall. But without pretending here to any certitude, it seems possible to put forth some conjectures.

We know that it did not rain (Gen. 2:6).

There were no great changes of temperature. The morning dews sufficed to water the plants and allow for evaporation. This is consistent with the existence of the vapor canopy around the earth -- the waters on high (Gen.1:7).

This canopy filtered out cosmic radiation, and the light of the sun assured an even heat over all the primitive continent -- only one continent because the waters were all gathered into one sea (Gen. 1:9).

There were no storms.

One may believe that the tilt of the earth on the ecliptic coincides with the Fall, introducing a factor of age with the changes of temperature that today mark the different seasons.

With the winds, the cold, and the formation of the polar caps, erosion began. Climatic variations limited the spread of vegetative species and perhaps their number.

Consequently, certain animals became carnivorous.

There has been found a pterodactyl with fossilized fish in the pouch under its beak.

Certain species began to live a parasitic life.

Especially, insubordination among souls brought about the insubordination of other living things.