Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A few days ago I was reading a post on another blog (- a blog that's better than mine) about the angels. Our blogger buddy said that some people name their guardian angels which by the way is discouraged but that post got me to thinking about the relationship that I have with my guardian angel.
I have never tried to name my angel because I figured that he/she/it  came with a name already and I knew that any name that I could give to it would be silly in comparison much like a pet name that lovers give to each other. I've never considered the relationship to my angels to be anything other than a working relationship - such as business partners.  I figured they have a job to do and so do I.  I consider the business of salvation a very serious one so consequently  I've never had an emotional attachment to my angel. It's like  - I send you  and you tell me what to do. You protect me and I obey. You correct me and I grumble. That's the kind of relationship I have had with my angel- strictly business although now that seems strange to me  as I reflect about my encounters with them.

I remember one late evening when I was half asleep I clearly heard an angel speaking to me. I was getting ready to deliver one of our children and I was receiving some sort of instructions from him. I remember saying, "Yes, repeatedly after he would say something to me but then I stopped listening to the instructions  and I began to listen to his voice, and I thought, "I know this voice, I've heard it many times before, yet I had forgotten it."  Then when I was more awake than asleep I said, "YOUR TOO LOUD, AND YOUR WAKING ME UP!" - in my chipper fashion - my little way.  

I reflect about the  dreams I've had with angels and the instructions given to me in those dreams, a lot of which I still remember but I don't write about them because I figure people aren't interested in hearing about them and I don't want to come off  sounding as some sort of new age person because I'm faithful to the magisterium. I would never want to lead anyone astray and this Catholic faith of ours isn't about me or my dreams it's about Christ, besides most of my angelic dreams have been about correcting  my sins so I think perhaps your angel probably likes you better than mine likes me anyway.

Thanks be to God for our angels and for the many times they have saved  my loved ones and  myself. If it weren't for them I'd be propped up to my keyboard right now with a chopstick between my teeth pecking away at the keys with my head bobbing back and forth and sounding very much like Steven Hawking, as there have been many, many near misses. Thank you Jesus.

Snowflakes, ice crystals, and souls are never the same.

*To my children, never  allow yourselves be deceived. I know a man who quit the Catholic church and began to worship the angels which he believed his daughter had morphed into after her death. Only a fallen angel would make such a request. I repeat, there is only one way to salvation and that's through Christ and through the sacraments that Christ has given to us.  There are no new ways or ideas to salvation and no short cuts and if anyone ever proposes to you that there are other ways, I suggest you pull your head outta your rear and run.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the chopsticks typing like Steven Hawking cuz of the near-misses! Girl, you do crack me up!!! God bless you, your family--and your Guardian Angel too.

PS, I haven't heard of people naming their angels, but I have heard of people asking their angels to tell them what his/her/its name is. I dunno about that one either. I know someone who thinks her angel's name is something like, "Hoodoo", cuz that's what she thinks she heard.

*cough* *sniff*

Lola said...

I remember Mother Angelica talking about naming her angel and that we should too. So I did and I've appologized.

Like you said, his name is one that God gave him and he doesn't need my feeble to lame nick-name.

Julie said...

Your angel sounds a lot like St Gemma's.

Mine is very,very tall and wears an exquisitely tailored suit. He has the standard-issue long hair.
I met him when I got hopelessly lost going to the airport to pick up my husband during a hurricane.
He held an umbrellla over my head in a muddy deserted field while I got my bearings and fought off a panic attack. (He never got wet at all, by the way)
When I finally made it to the airport and was looking at the arrival/departure board, he suddenly materialized again and said something to me that only I knew.

This happened a year or so before I started down the long road back to Catholicism.

I am rather pragmatic, and I used to poo-poo the idea of angels, thinking they were the pleasant folly of mostly middle-aged women who preferred them to the likes of a stern God. Sort of the way pre-teen girls tend to crush on pop idols with puppydog faces because they're less threatening.

belinda said...

Julie, that's a cool angel story. You angel held an umbrella for you, how sweet. Mine likes to point out my sins and faults. Wanna trade?

I dreamt of heaven once and my angel said to me. You don't get to sit over there (along the beach watching the charriot races on the glassy sea which was the best spot to see everything) YOU have to stand over here. That "prime" spot is saved for that person over there( Person sitting on a full size lounge chair and wearing a crown too!!) because he/she suffered in life more than you did. You - not so much. Even so it was the coolest dream ever.

I'm also 90% sure my angel yelled at me in a department once. Though I deserved it and he made me cry. He corrected me harshly and then when I turned around he was gone and I searched high and low to question him further, oh yeah, I was gonna have my say too. hahahaha

Julie said...

I do hope you're writing down all these dreams, aren't you?
They're awesome.
It's like having your own very personal movie theatre in your head, although I imagine sometimes you'd rather not watch what's playing...

Melody K said...

I think our angels do love us; we do call them "Angel of God, my guardian dear.." in the little prayer we learned as children. The love is probably mixed with pity, because we are so clueless. Kind of like a preschool teacher loves the little kid who has a hard time learning to tie her shoelaces.

3puddytats said...

My angel protected me durign Desert Storm..during the SCUD attacks when we were huddled in our bunker in felt this huge warm embrace by huge muscular arms..it felt like I was being hugged by Arnold in his prime (think Conan the Barbarian)..

So I thnk of my angel looking like Arnold in Conan....long hair, chiseled muscles, and leather harness..except add big brown eagle's wings..

One of these days' I'll have an artist paint a picture of me being protected by my angel...


belinda said...

I'd like to see it when it's finished. Thanks Sara