Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Night

My boy handed  the thermometer to me and asked  if  he was sick enough to stay home from school tomorrow. His  temperature was 105.3  and I said , "Certainly, you are sick but I'm taking you to the emergency room  tonight." He said, "I put the thermometer in the bath tub but do I still have to go to school tomorrow?" Well, not if you go to the hospital tonight!" 

It's a miracle. The boy healed instantaneously but because he's been playing with the digital thermometer since Friday,  I 'm surprised that it took him so long to figure out that trick. I also wonder how long it will take before he learns that he can get  fake doctors notes off of the Internet.


Julie said...

Ferris gives an excellent tutorial on faking the temperature.
"Let it get too high and with a panicky mom you could end up in the doctor's office, which is worse than school."
I don't think Ferris would've been able to scam you, Belinda. Would be an interesting match-up, though.

(By the way, when this movie came out, I rented it so often from the video store, they actually gave me a complimentary copy. Sad, but true.)

belinda said...

Julie, I'm scammed by my children when they emotionally manipulate me, for example. One kid said to me, "How could my own mother not trust me?!" as she continued her bad behavior. "Don't you love me?"

When they use love and emotions against me or insinuate that I'm a bad mother then they've won but it's a risk for them to take because they don't want to wake my dormant temper.

When one of my other daughters complained because she wanted a car and other teens got cars from their parents, I replied, "In the genetic lotto of life, you were screwed." I'm not very sympathetic.

Now I remind them, "I gave you life and the rest is up to you."
"Most parents don't have more than two children -by choice and your lucky to be alive." - That's called "Catholic mom guilt."