Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear God.

My ideas surpass my abilities by a mile. Please Dear God, help me to figure out my computer. I have dozens of ideas that I am as yet incapable of producing. I have pages of hand written notes, and I am going to start take notes during Mass, that's when I get all of my best ideas. Oh, and after confession so many thoughts ,and ideas are just racing through my mind, that I can hardly keep up.
I just wanna crush my computer into tiny pieces, with my teeth.


Vincenzo said...

"I just wanna crush my computer into tiny pieces, with my teeth."

Stop it you're making me hungry!
I know how you feel - I'm trying to learn video editing.
I'm starving. I think I'll make penne and puttanesca sauce after I exercise.

Belinda said...

Your my photo shop hero, I've checked out your stuff. Your good. I have said a many times -God please help me to manulipate faces,and diagrams like Vincenzo. I am working on a marriage diagram, that I think is funny but I am stuck. I should have begged my daughter to teach me all of this stuff before she left for film school in L.A.
The little snot head can do all of this stuff.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks. I'm really not that good, just like to play around to amuse myself. I actually just got Photoshop a couple weeks ago, after not having used it in years, and I'm still learning where all the tools are. I've primarily used Paint Shop Pro. What are you stuck on?

Belinda said...

Vincenzo, lets start by explaining what all of those "F" keys are for. I still don't know.
I am teasing you a little. I figure if God wants me to say something then he will have to help me say it,or develope it . I can't believe that I was able to figure out my "brain diagram". I will continue to play with the program. I am a visual learner , I learn by doing, so the words(tutorial) make little sense to me. You are so very kind to make such a helpful offer, thank you.

Jackie Parkes said...

Love it!

Vincenzo said...

"I am a visual learner , I learn by doing, so the words(tutorial) make little sense to me."

Me too! I rarely read instructions. A couple days ago I figured out how to cut, re-encode, and add watermarks to video via trial and error..
I never use the F keys. That reminds me I need a new keyboard - space bar is sticking.

Belinda said...

Vincenzo, before you run out and buy a new key board -try swapping a huggies baby wipe folded just so ,and kinda work it around the space bar beneath it.
Now say your prayers first cause if you die of electrical shock, dont blame me. :) This procedure did fix my sticking space bar. I had to do it twice before it came clean. Were you eating waffles at your computer too?

Now tell me something.
I have not been able to download videos to my site. Do I need to buy a memory stick and download videos from youtube to that , and then put it on my blog from there?

I have to work on thanks giving food today. YA KNOW the thanksgiving fairy doesn't do all of this work. My lucky husband just has to show up . I gotta produce the event.
Thanks , God bless you. Belinda

Vincenzo said...

Thanks! I'll try that. No I wasn't eating waffles (that sounds very good now) - I think it might have been turkey and gravy.

To post a Youtube video, do the following:

Create a new post, and to the right of the composition window, click on "Edit HTML."

At the Youtube video page, such as:

Go to the Embed area on the right, and highlight the text inside that starts with something like "..embed width="425...etc. etc.>"

Copy that, and paste into your new blog post composition window.

Hit preview to see if it looks okay, or switch back to "Compose" to add more text, then post it.

Very lucky! Thanksgiving is my favorite meal. Thank you God bless you too.