Sunday, November 9, 2008

I join in welcoming my brother Bill, into our most Holy Catholic Church.

God took our family that was rife with sickness, and sin, and transformed it into something unrecognizable. We are, but a shadow of the former people that we once were.

We were the poster children of spiritual darkness, of sickness, and of sin. We have endured enormous pain.
The pain that we suffered belongs to us ,to do with as we please. Pain that we can now lay entirely down at the foot of the cross, as our gift to our Savior .
Pain that we humbly offer for the conversion of still more sinners. Lord we join you in your quest for souls. We know that you thirst for more souls.
We are not the people that we once were, and we will never be those people again. Though repentant sinners we will always be.
We have been transformed by the power of the most high God, by the blood of our most precious Savior, and by the Holy Spirit who burns within our chest . We have become his own sons , and daughters . As dear to him as any child could be.
God was able to transform us because we said yes to him. Imagine how far he will take us if we continue to say yes. Submitting our will to his will is a painful process ,but it brings us new life ,and a new understanding of God , who he is, and of the world that he has created for himself ,and for us. God longs for us , he aches for us , and he waits for our eventual return with anticipation..
He calls us to himself .To love as he loves, to forgive as he forgives,and to nurture others ,as he has nurtured us. We ARE sons, and daughters of the most high God. Let us never forget who we are , where we were, and to whom we belong . We must act like his children , and when we fail , we must run for forgiveness to the confessional.

Let nothing ever separate us from our God ,or distract us from his will for our lives. When people love us, or are drawn to us, it's because they recognize Christ himself within us, he makes us greater than we really are, kinder, and more lovable than we really are. Let us never put anything before our God, except for ourselves. Let us give ourselves back to God as our gift. That's really all that we have to offer, and that's all that he wants.

We as a family have finally returned to the faith of our fathers, after about 80 years. Thus answering some prayers from our repentant (I hope) relatives on the other side.I hope that they may now rest in peace, and dwell with God. ( I know that there are a few more family members that are not in our immediate family that I am still praying for . I would like to see their conversions as well)

God bless you Dear Brother. I am completely in shock over your transformation. I can hardly believe what I have witnessed. I can't wait to see what God does with you. The grace of God is unbelievable.
I am so proud of you, and I love you , Belinda.

P.S. You joined up just before the sparks fly too. Grab your popcorn, and take a seat, because God is gonna raise some really cool Saints from our ranks ,and very soon. Maybe even you!!

*Bill and I haven't talked to each other for about 17 years, and he hadn't spoke to our Parents for about 7 years, and last February he called me. He said that his wife had left him. I began to explain my faith to him, and I told him that our Parent's had converted too. I told him that a few generations ago our family had been Catholic.
Bill began to think about converting last April'ish , he began to clean his parish on weekends in March'ish, and he has attended Mass every weekend since. He has been going to confession on a regular basis. He has made peace, and made amends with many people from his past. He has converted another soul from work because his co-workers can't believe what has happened to him, she now attends Mass, and is enrolled in RCIA. A couple of months ago he became his Priests computer secretary. Last month Bill joined a "carmelite" group in Denver.
You better stand outta this boys way!!


Vincenzo said...

Wow wonderful news! Beautiful post. Thank you.

Adrienne said...

Give hugs to Bill from Auntie A

LeoRufus said...

This is wonderful and I am so happy that Bill is now in communion with the Church. This is a great gift and a calling. God bless him and keep him.

Owen said...

Welcome Home Bill.