Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Houston Texas , I love you ,and your people.

When we drove through the new part of town, we were looking for a great place to eat when we happened upon a drive through "condom" shop that was located just blocks from your gentleman clubs ( BTW -real gentlemen don't go to those places) the strange thought occurred to me that you let your urban decay dwell along side of your progress. Every thing looked new, and wholesome, but it was all an illusion. You let the scummy stuff "do business" beside the family places.
Isn't it cool that God gave you gentle warning like a freak snowfall this week. Business is not at usual.

*The Jews believe that God reveals himself through nature.


Adrienne said...

Do you live in Houston????? That's my second home. I call myself half Minnesotan and half Texan. I lived there for about 17 years back in the "good old days".

Belinda said...

No I live in Kansas, my husband's family is from Texas, and Nebraska. We love to travel to those places - and camp, and of course -hang out in the cemetery's.