Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Hefner,

This has been your most grievous error in judgement yet , and I am angry with you. Your asking for it. God won't allow you to mistreat his mother. I am really scared for you. I will pray for you, but I don't think that it will help you much , because my heart isn't in it, CAUSE I AM REALLY ANGRY WITH YOU, AND WITH YOUR MODEL , AND WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, AND WITH YOUR PUBLISHER, AND WITH ANYONE ELSE WHO HELPED YOU. DID I MENTION THAT I AM REALLY ANGRY? Oh when I cool down I will forgive you - at some point. I am completely serious- if you were anywhere within the length of my arms right now I would slap you -um , at least once, and I would give you enough "Belinda'isms" to put you into a coma.



Melody K said...

I'm scared to ask (but I'll ask anyway) what he did this time. He has certainly done his share to lower the moral standards of society over time.

Belinda said...

Click on the lower link of my post. Pray first.

Melody K said...

Yikes! Not only sacreligious and low-class, but really, really stupid. I mean, to insult the one person who might have some pull to get his sorry behind into Purgatory, instead of where it may deserve to go!