Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Catholics are setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us.

I love those warrior Catholics.
They're the ones that make personal , and professional decisions that cost them dearly.
Yet even though their decisions - rooted in their faith cost them monetarily,
and socially, they press on.

Last month I met a 40 year old Mother of ten who home schools her children during the morning hours then she goes to work in the afternoon.
She doesn't sleep much, and she has just re-enlisted with the reserves
so that her family would have health insurance,
but her youngest child is just nine months old !
I said to her, "what will happen if your deployed?" She said, "I am trusting in God".
Then she told me that she prays that our Blessed Mother
watches over and protects her children , and teens when she's gone .
This Mom lives out her faith in such a heroic , and extreme way ,
and is a wonderful example to her children.
She could have had a much easier life ,
but she , and her husband had said yes to God - many times.

I know that our faith , and lives aren't some sort of a religious competition,
but you have to wonder about your judgement day,
and how are you gonna be judged when other folks have gone above ,
and beyond for their faith, and
out of their deep love , and devotion to God, they said yes to God.
These are people who have given their lives entirely over to God.
So then Lord what will become of the rest of us on our judgement day?
-Personally I'm very concerned about my salvation.


Melody K said...

There was a lady in the news recently who had formerly been in the armed forces (prior to getting married and having children). Apparently she was still considered in the reserve, and got called back to active duty. Her husband traveled in his job and there was no one to be with the children. I believe the situation in the end was resolved by her being discharged, but this was not easily accomplished. I hope the whole incident makes women with young children cautious about enlisting. I wish your friend success, and she is right to trust in God. However it is questionable if she can trust in the military to do what is best for her family.

Belinda said...

I could not agree with you more, but she had become desperate.

Melody K said...

For sure it is difficult for a family to be be without health insurance!