Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've practically been an angel since Paul's been gone.

I've been talking to Paul over on Facebook, but he
couldn't figure out how to talk with me on the "open chat" application.
(If I die first he's gonna be in big trouble.)
He was fun to talk to because I didn't have to watch what I said.
I wish that I would have typed something naughty to him like this....
While you've been gone I took the MasterCard and bought some jewelery . A set of ruby earrings
or were they the emerald ones I got confused so I bought both pair,
and none of that fake crap either, and you know when you buy good jewelery
you can't just wear them with jeans so I went to Macy's and bought a dress, and fortunately it was modest, but unfortunately the price wasn't,
and because the card was denied, I filled out an application for a new one,
and presto change'o I had myself a beautiful new dress to go with those earrings.
Next I went to the shoe department, but I didn't buy the plastic ones with the high heels you know how I feel about plastic shoes when only real leather will do, then I ............
Well you get the picture. Credit card debt is very naughty at my house.
I miss Paul . Life isn't as funny when he's gone.
(If he dies first I'm gonna be in big trouble)
Paul doesn't think that I'm funny at all really.
He suffers you know.

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