Saturday, May 30, 2009

My car - Christine

Thanks be to God that it's not this bad yet.
Christine scares me because there are many times that she wont let us in or out,
and some of her doors will remain locked,
and after we get in the doors will often times lock themselves.
She's really creepy - or protective..... I can't decide.
Once when my daughter got out of the car- when I told her to sit there for a minute
the car alarm went off when she opened the door.
( Our daughter was nearly 12, and the car was an acceptable temperature inside.
Surely they can sit there for a moment while I run inside of the post office to mail a letter.)
Christines alarm will go off if anyone gets out or if anyone tries to get in.
Anyway no one could get in .
That's the problem. I have trouble getting in myself.
It helps if I speak nicely to her. Sometimes I don't though,
and I can be heard whispering bad names to her , and repeating "I hate you".


Vincenzo said...

I had a bizarre alarm like that once that would often go off upon entering (motion sensor.) The alarm was deactivated via a keypad inside, rather than a remote. Didn't need that kind of anxiety so I replaced it.

belinda said...

Anxiety? Why I need all of the anxiety I can get Mr.Vincenzo. I will die of an internal anxiety expolosion !!!

(I need some meds)