Monday, August 10, 2009

I see trash people

That's what my daughters tell their brother when the trash collectors are here. Joseph use to be scared to death of the truck and the noise that the truck would make. The girls made it worse by telling him that convicts on work release picked up the trash and that you should probably hide from them as well so that they don't see you watching them picking up your trash. So my children would scream "the trash people are here!" And then they would peer gingerly out from behind our curtains and quietly watch as the men would haul bag after bag of our trash into their truck only to be relieved when they had left.
I always pray for my garbage collectors.


Lola said...

That is so sweet!

My dd loves to bring them cold bottled water in the summer!

(I'll tell you what, they have a very important job. For instance, I'd never want to visit NY city if there's a garbage strike.)

belinda said...

They prevent plagues and diseases and I am thankful for them.