Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Mr.Williams, I couldn't agree with you more about Obama.

Say, if you ever need a back up dancer I can walk real fast too. I have references , just ask Bobby Sherman. I can borrow my daughter Kate's "bumpit" for my hair and some PANTS , then I'll be all set.

And since your still reading my blog post I wanna talk to you about another one of your videos. You may remember the one I'm posting about, it's similar to those late night commercials on TV where the hot young chick is asking old geezers to call for a free confidential chat for the first 10 minutes.
Now , you know when creepers call those phone numbers that the blazing hot women that they think they are speaking with , and who would never give them the time of day in real life aren't the actual women from television. The real women on the other end of the phone are the kind of women that no one wants to sit next to on public transportation yet men don't mind schmoozing with 'em over the phone. Anyway I think that your confusing lust with love , unfortunately many people do.

Besides your like 110 years old so knock it off and if that girl in the video calls back tell her that I would like to speak with her mother and if you need any "elder aid" products let me know, my kid loves those time savers and we have enough of them to go around.

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