Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Capital One,

Does your right hand know what your left hand is doing ? Your people keep sending me credit card applications and I don't even have a job !! Is this any way to run a business? I must say, that the deals that you've been offering to me lately are getting sweeter and sweeter. Now your willing to give me a free airline ticket with bonus miles out the wazoo and at a zero percent interest rate for 9 months. You must have heard that I'm interested in traveling to Banff National park and canoeing around Lake Louise and then checking out the snacks at the chateau's food bar. So how come you can't figure out that I am unemployed? Haven't you seen my Social Security statement? ( hahahahaha) You people continue to offer me large sums of cash and I'M UNEMPLOYED and worse yet I'm a "dead beat". (A dead beat is a term used by the credit card industry to describe a person who pays off their credit card balance every month so as not to incur any fees) I only have one credit card and I'm done. I don't want anymore, and one of the reasons is that after I die someday I don't want to leave my family a desk full of confusion. What ever account that you "open" will need to be "closed" and it's not nice to leave your financial mess for someone else to sort out. You credit card companies are going to be done at some point too. Consider the crazy financial decisions that you keep making and crazier still are some of the people who you lend money to and since many of your clients (enslaved people) are teetering on the edge of financial ruin ,when they begin to fold in mass numbers so will you ,but you know this stuff right ? And if you get a "bail out" because of your stupidity and consumer greed I will be furious.


Melody K said...

When my kids were in college they used to get credit card applications in the mail all the time. I used to think "What part of 'impoverished college kid' don't you understand?" They were liberal arts majors and had student loans to pay off; it wasn't like they would be MBA's when they got out. The apps that came to our house got shredded. Of course the companies figured Mom and Dad would bail them out; just like they're figuring your husband would bail you out. What they aren't betting on is people being smart enough to figure out that it's dumb to be making payments on stuff that's worn out by the time it's paid off.

Lola said...

What if North Americans cut their usage by 75%.

Would the financial system collapse?

Would the government need to intervene?

Would the sky fall?