Friday, October 2, 2009

The mouth that roared.

I was listening to a Christmas song in the produce department at the grocery store when another old woman passed in front of me. She said something like ,"do you hear that?" I said yeah, I love the baby Jesus and all ,but I'm not ready to have Christmas shoved down my throat. In fact we could skip the entire thing all together and I would be happy. Then I said, "My children were talking about me around the dinner table and laughing with their father and said, "yeah, Mom is a fun sucker, she always likes to suck the fun outta everything that we do". Then they roared with laughter as I told them to go clean their rooms.

BUT as I retold this story IN PUBLIC the first two constants of my words "fun sucker" got mixed up only I didn't realize it. Had my linguistics coach been with me he would'a been furious. She stared at me as I began to piece together what I had just said , and then to my HORROR I understood and as I apologized profusely she said, "that's okay dear", "I was raised by sailors" I covered my face with my itemized departmentalized grocery list and walked away in shame.

But then I got to thinking about the many times that I had cussed and had not been embarrassed about it, mostly in some sort of a fit of rage and it was then that I discovered that in the end the embarrassment will be so great that none of this will have been worth saying.

Again, I'm really sorry Father and for all of it, every word. Boy am I going to be embarrassed in the end.


Enbrethiliel said...


Bwahahahahahahaha! Belinda, you're a riot!

(Great reflection, too!)

Texas Mom said...

Hey, Belinda! I thought I was the only one with this problem. Fun sucking and such, I mean.

Belinda, your blog is a riot, but mostly because it makes me laugh at myself. Thanks for speaking the truth. And for making me laugh out loud while I am by myself sitting at the computer.

Rachel, a Catholic Mom in Dallas

belinda said...

Thanks girls.

Adrienne said...

Don't be sorry - God was probably laughing, too!

Melody K said...


Lola said...

Well then I am not alone in jumbled linquistics.

Also, I confuse my childrens names. But, they know who they are.