Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are not defined by our things.

I used some of my lead crystal to showcase Sarah's party cupcakes

and I used my country granite ware roasters as ice buckets for the sodas.
I wondered what this spread would say about me?
I think it would say , "she's pretentious" yet she scratches her own butt.


Melody K said...

Not pretentious at all, Belinda. Just very pretty glassware. I'm a believer in using one's nice stuff. What's the sense of keeping it in a cupboard, but never using it? I have seen some depressing auctions after someone has died; mint-perfect stuff that no one had enjoyed.
Did you end up with quite a lot of leftovers? It's always hard to know how much to make. Those cupcakes look yummy!

Lola said...

I think its a gorgeous tablescape!

Belinda, what should I do with all my lead crystal wine and cordial glasses? I've thought about selling them thru Replacements Unlimited.

But, what a hassle!

I just can't justify keeping 15 wine glasses since I don't drink. And if I did a jelly jar would suffice.

belinda said...

Miss M, I use all of the stuff I own or I get rid of it. Unless it has potential. I'm a very practical woman. Everyone at the party took home a gift bag of food.... Broccoli soup, BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad and cupcakes. Next time I will make smaller cupcakes and I will use the papers on the outside of the cakes It keeps them fresher longer and they're prettier and I will string little clear christmas lights around the bottom of the dishes.

(said melodically,)
I have two huge piles of things- one is in the garage and is going out in the spring to a yard sale. The other pile is going on eBay.

I want to scale way back.
If it wont benefit me when the lights go out then I don't want it anymore.
I planned on selling half of that glassware but my daughters begged me not to.

The roasters were bought for "dish washing buckets" again for when the lights go out.

belinda said...

Sell them Lola. Unless you think they will mean something to your children.

Enbrethiliel said...


Now I'm really sorry I live in another continent and couldn't come to the party!

Yes, the spread looks lovely and says that you're a great hostess. =)

Little Christmas lights would be a great festive touch, too.

Now admit it: you're famous for throwing the best parties in town, aren't you? ;) It's not that your daughter invited all those guests: they must have all invited themselves! Oh, I'm on to you now, Belinda!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Those pastries are "to die for"...they look absolutely MAAAHRVELOUS...the sodas...well, okay.
Wine or something stronger might be more appealing (to me, anyway)...but it all looks really fabulous.

belinda said...

Father, as a mother of eight children of various ages I am hesitant to serve alcohol even though some of my guests were twice the legal drinking age! hahaha.
Some people did bring wine and I'm okay with that. I wont provide it though.

I overcompensated with food and the sarsaparilla soda makes the best icecream floats!

Miss E, I have been invited to work in a bakery but I'm already married and don't want to be married to a 24/7 business.

I don't care about money which at some point may be my downfall.