Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which came first the chicken or the car?

Our lovely daughter Elizabeth who lives in Los Angeles needs to buy a car but she's not able to shop for a car because she has no way to get around . She also needs a job but she can't look for a job because she doesn't have a car but she can't afford a car because she doesn't have a job... So here's my solution..
You become a contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT!
I've done some extensive google maps research and I've figured out how far your located from the Bob Barker studio and so here's what I want you  to do.

Start on West Adams blvd and begin to walk west ( your gonna want to wear your comfy shoes.) Go straight west for 6 miles. Walk AROUND the La brea tar pits and go three more miles to Fairfax Ave. (Don't forget to charge up your cell phone and ignore the colorful people you may encounter.)
Avoid the Bordello on 901 East 1st. Street. Google search has given this place very poor ratings though the D.J is supposed to be highly entertaining.

At Fairfax Avenue and Adams I want you to turn north- quickly.

Now I want you to run really, really fast through the Watts district and you should not stop to chit-chat with anyone.

Don't volunteer to call the fire department and do not ask for or give directions.
Just keep running and perhaps you could even speed up.
7651 Oakland Ave is your final destination. You have to get in line for FREE tickets at around 4:00.
*On your way home you may wanna check out the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre!

In my future posts I will discuss bidding strategies and I'll give you practice show cases to consider.
Good luck sweetheart. We love you ! XOXOX  Mom 
*I'm also saying a Novena and pestering our blessed mother because she can get her son to make anything happen!

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Anonymous said...

Good Lord! I was gonna suggest that she get a bike, but I think she needs to move out of that neighborhood first!