Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naked time, it's not a new idea.

When our children were toddlers I would dress them in the mornings but at random times throughout the day they would take their clothing off and it would come to be known around here as "Naked time", which could strike at any moment and without warning and it didn't matter who was around -little kids they just don't care. I would make accommodations for  our children according to  the climate so I would turn the heat up in the winter or I would let them play naked in the water in the summer. (We live in the country-nobody cares)
For example  the photo at the far right hand side at the end of my blog has our little boy pictured wearing a batman mask  but in reality he was wearing only a jacket, mask, and underwear with his favorite cowboy boots so the "Naked cowboy" isn't an original idea. In fact it's strange to me that the New York man who calls himself the "Naked cowboy" actually believes "Naked time" is an original idea - his original idea, -like he's the first one to ever think of being naked and charging people money to see it. (hahahaha) I would have thought when he met up with the "Naked cowgirl" (Yet another original idea) it would have been  lust love at first sight but noooo, far from it. I was surprised to learn that the cowboy actually can't stand the cowgirl and he believes she stole his idea and now he's suing her. (hahahahaha)
 I once had  a twisted sense of satisfaction when I saw T.N.C. preform in the snow  on television freezing is _ss off wearing only his "fruit of the looms" and boots which I've heard a real cowboy never takes off.

Speaking of real cowboys,  who knew Al  Gore also enjoyed a little unauthorized naked time? He cracks me up, but not on purpose. 

I'm going to prepare dinner now.  Dinner: it was my idea, I invented can all thank me later ;)
*My computer has crashed so I don't have photos available to upload from my kids computer.
 I'm screwed and to be honest - getting a wee bit depressed, but I will try to control myself.


Anonymous said...

So what about your air conditioning? Dare I ask if your blog administrator was able to fix it? It was 100 degrees here today in Maryland and I thought of you...

belinda said...
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belinda said...

I removed my comment. I forget at times that I'm speaking to a crowd and I'm not sitting around a coffee table with a friend...

Nope, the A.C. isn't fixed, but we're doing okay. Thank you for asking and if you wouldn't mind would you throw a prayer or two our way.

Anonymous said...

Will do.
And if it helps, in certain instances, I consider my laptop a "digital coffee table" of sorts. :)

Melody K said...

Funny you should mention "naked time". I spent time this weekend with our little two year old granddaughter. Last night her parents were trying to get her into her jammies; but she wanted to be "nakie". So she was streaking around until they finally caught her. Wish I would have had that on camera!
Yeah, I hope your AC gets fixed soon! It was pretty bad here this weekend, 96° and high humidity.