Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mortification - Day 3 Parent teacher conferences about Kate's future.

I had a parent teacher conference that I was required to attend. There were five adults including myself who were scheduled to be there , and rescheduling was not an option. So I showed up with a migraine, a hurting hand , and a sweet bladder infection. When I walked into the conference room I heard one of the women say after she had seen me say , "oh , my"!
I thought to myself ,"I must really look like hell." I introduced myself reluctantly , and the school psychologist who sits in on all of the school meetings said to me, "hi , I am the school psychologist (public school) , and I am here to recommend help for Kate", and he started laughing , and then he said "I'm just kidding" ! "Just a little humor" ,
and I said, "your not funny" - "at all".
I embarrassed him in front of the other adults - I wasn't embarrassed - just really sick , and then I was angry too.
Jesus , I wished that I would have concluded my sentence with - "and your an ass hole".
Lord would I actually go to hell for that. I would have been telling the truth.
He scared Kate , and upset her.
I left the meeting early because the ceiling was starting to grow dark. I apologized , dismissed myself , and rested in the car until I was able to drive myself home.

Please God bless all of the wonderful people who help Kate , and it's so great that she's doing
6-7 Th grade math, thank you God . She is now smarter than I am.
God - please don't ever forget about Kate.


Adrienne said...

They discuss the kids with other parents present? Sounds weird!

I wish I could take your pain away...

Belinda said...

Aww, you are so sweet, what a kind thing to say. I am virtually giving you a hug.

When a child turns 13 they are expected to participate in their planning decisions. I was so proud of her - she acted very mature during the meeting.

Kate has a lot to think about....
What does she want to do with her life - job
Is a dental hygienist a reality for her? I would say no , but who will tell her ? And why would Kate want to put her hands into some one's mouth when she's afraid to wash a dirty dish?

I remind myself that God is in control, and he will never abandon or forsake us never- no matter what kind of hell we have to face ,we will not be alone.

Lola said...

I think you were appropriate. Sometimes I try so hard to be polite that people like that get away with things. But, good for you that even or in spite of all you're going thru, you didn't let "Mr. Funny Guy" get away with nonsense. Your Kate doesn't deserve that sort of nonsense.