Friday, September 3, 2010

Not all Prinz'es are charming.

I question the kind of people Zsa Zsa Gabor/ Belge/ Hilton/ Sanders/ Hutner/Cosden/ Ryan/ O'Hara/ Alba/ Anhalt had surrounded herself with for the entirety of her life. Her current husband (but this time it matters) Frederic Prinz von Anhalt - and apparently her last, wants to stuff  plastinate  his dying - but not yet cold  wife. (Ah..... - true love sometimes doesn't wait.) I also question the wisdom of Prinz Fred's  thinking -have we not learned anything  from the slow pitch "minor- minor laboratory league"  head games featuring Ted Williams?!  ( I suppose it was actually more of an  ice hockey or a turkey bowl but even so  those were seasonal activities , unfortunately Ted's now in a position to play year round.
(Head's up batter-batter.)

 Okay, so I'm thinking,  if  Prinz Fred's gonna turn his wife into an art project I'm wondering, where he's gonna keep her? You can't leave something like that out on the lawn like one of those life like deer statues (Except during the Halloween season when he'd have the "way coolest" house on the block!! - but even so that wouldn't give him permission to pass out cheap crappy candy!)  (Another idea would be to  hang her from the outside  guttering by her finger tips with blinking icicle lighting wrapped around her body. That could be a charming and a fun filled way to display her during the Christmas holiday season.)

I think, just  as Ted Williams had always wanted to get around to all of the bases, then score-  poor  Prinz Fred's future girlfriend will find a nude jerky-fied Zsa Zsa in the kitchen beside the fridge while searching for a glass of milk and she's gonna freak. After that kind of a trauma she wont let Prinz Fred get to third base let alone hit any home runs. The new girl will high-tail it outta that house of horror so quickly that Prinz Fred won't know  who what slapped him. (Don't look as Zsa Zsa this time.) The Prinz will have to find a new locale for his dearly departed - ASAP. 

No lovin'  in front of you know who. Could it be that in death Fred would be forced to be faithful unlike in real life? If poor Zsa Zsa doesn't end up in a closet in the back of the garage  or on EBay in the next 10 years (perhaps parted out - there's more money in parts)  she's for sure gonna end up back at the circus as a side show attraction with the same kinda freaks who she had apparently found engaging and endearing during her life time,  you know -keepers.

I feel nothing but sorrow for this woman. I can't help to wonder if anyone ever loved her for herself and for the gifts and talents that she had and not for what she looked like - a sexual object. We love people for who they are and not for what they can do for us.

God bless you and have mercy on your soul. I'm praying that you will learn about true love from the creator of all love and I pray that he keeps you.


Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Hon, you're thinkin' way too hard!!
I've got a migraine here, just contemplating what you wrote (!)...
yeah, pray, big time.
Lots of it.

Melody K said...

I heard that Zsa-Zsa asked for, and received, the last sacraments.
I liked her. However her type of guy wasn't good for her.
Did you hear that somebody lately paid big bucks for Roy Roger's horse Trigger (who had been stuffed) and brought him to an Omaha museum? A lot of weirdness out there.

Julie said...

Union General Phillip Sheridan's horse, "Rienzi" is stuffed and on display at the Smithsonian.
It's disconcerting looking at an animal that was in the Civil War,even if it is stuffed.
My family had to finally drag me away from the exhibit.

Pablo the Mexican said...

A public sinner with multitudes of husbands and lovers.

Is it possible for the sinner to repent at the time of their death?

If we are to pray for a dying public sinner, pray for God's grace. Pray God give them the grace of a perfect act of contrition before they die.

Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel that he keep Satan's agents away during this time.

The current husband of a sinner that has had a long line of husbands is an adulterer, just like the dying sinner.He is not her husband.

I am glad you posted something about Miss Gabor. I will say a Hail Mary for her soul at Mass; every little bit helps as you face eternity.

In sermons I have learned many last minute repentances are not accepted by our Lord.

Farrah Fawcett got Extreme Unction. Ryan O'Neil was not able to drag her soul to Hell by 'marrying' her on her deathbed.

God bless the people that prayed for the soul of Miss Fawcett.

God bless you for sending some prayers Miss Gabor's way.


belinda said...

Father, My husband has said to me numerous times, "Your over thinking things." And he didn't like this post, nor did he think it was funny.

These people are so sad. So very spiritually impoverished. My heart really does break for them. I should have expressed those sediments more in my post instead of making fun of them, but I thought it all too crazy and their hair brained idea poorly planned as they haven't seemed to have thought anything through -EVER.

Dear Pablo, When you wrote - "In sermons I have learned many last minute repentance's are not accepted by our Lord"

Are you sure that God's mercy for a soul wouldn't be extended even until the last second and with our very last breath? I'm thinking about a sermon from Christ, you know the one, about the workers who show up late and still get paid.

I had a Mormon friend tell me the same thing that you had said but I took her religion unlike the woman herself with a grain of salt. She said, "Death bed confessions rarely happen nor do they count for much when they do."

Thank you Pablo, I will think about what you had written. :)

And I was pretty excited about Farrah! I wanna see that happen 6 billion times!

Melody K said...

Belinda, I was thinking about that parable, too. Also the story of the thief to whom Christ on the cross promised "...this day you will be with me in Paradise."

belinda said...

Melody, I think it could all be included under the "Title" of Divine mercy.. Which BTW, I am bankrolling everything I've got upon.

Though my sins are different than Zsa Zsa's I'm not above reproach.

Pablo the Mexican said...

A woman cried to Saint John Vianney “I prayed the Holy Rosary every day for thirty-five years that my husband repent and live to please God. He jumped off a bridge in a drunken stupor, committing suicide.”

Saint John Vianney informed the woman that God had answered her prayers.

“Just before he hit the waters that killed him, your husband did a perfect act of contrition.”

His faithful wife’s prayers saved his wretched soul.

Dear Mrs. Belinda,

The workers that showed up late and still got paid are those that converted as adults and catechized themselves, attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, evangelized, in other words Knew, Loved, and Served God.

Many, not all, late repentances are rejected; this is not my opinion, it is the teaching of Holy Mother Church.

Your Mormon friend knew this because Satan mixes Truth in his poison, this instance the poison being Mormonism, to make that poison more palatable. Because Protestantism is Catholic, you will hear many Protestant Ministers giving some wonderful sermons.

They are Heretics and we are forbidden to associate with them.

Here is an example of a Heretic preaching Catholic Truth:

The sermons I referred to can be found on my web site:

In the Sermons and Conferences section there is a heading:

Featured Sermons of Father Joseph Pfeiffer

Therein is the sermon A Meditation On Eternity.

At the 30:20 mark describes late repentance. (Windows Media Player).

The header -Holy Week Conference - Father Joseph Pfeiffer- has the sermon

The Particular Judgment

These sermons are for your consideration as well this video of the Miracle Baby:

When us men laugh at you women, please for give us. We are chuckleheads.

Millions of women are responsible for dragging the souls of their husbands into Heaven.

I never get into a fight with the Devil until I am certain there is a woman somewhere praying for my success.

I like what you have done with the design of your blog.

You are a real treasure, an example for all women.

With the assurance of my Holy Rosary prayers for all your good work in the vineyard of the Divine Master, I remain yours truly in Jesus and Mary Immaculate.


Pablo the Mexican said...
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belinda said...

Dear Mr.Pablo, thank you for your kindness and your responses give me much to consider and reflect upon. Vincenzo- had reworked my blog header and has done an excellent job! Vince taught me to do this when I want people to click on a link. Try writing this...

click here

and when you type Click here you can type any words there that you like and it will link to where you want it to.

belinda said...

I'll try again..

click here

belinda said...

Okay that didn't work so I'll give you half of it at a time and then you put it together because it keeps working and wont let me show you in detail.

1st half- type this,

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and when you add >click here< you can say anything you want while it links you to where you want to go.


belinda said...

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That's why Vince is the computer whiz kid and I'm not.

belinda said...

You better go ask Vince. hahahaha

Pablo the Mexican said...


Sorry. I just don't have the brainpower to do that.

However, I am having some cards made with the elevated Host on one side, and my website address on the back, to hand out to people.

There are so many souls hungering and thirsting.

I would like to include your blog address and Mr. Vincenzo's if you would be so kind as grant me that permission.

Everything we can do to help souls is what is required at the moment.

Your blogs take things head on, and there is no pussy footing around, as the saying goes.

Pray for the Holy Father, and all his Priests and Religious, and the Souls in Purgatory.



belinda said...

Pablo, apparently I don't have the brain power to tell ya either. hahahaha

do this.. type

click here


Vinces address is
his blog was voted one of the top Catholic blogs.

I'm fine with you sharing my blog but I have social anxiety so keep it down. hahahahaha